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Our Services

At Meitner and Associates Inc., our primary purpose is working with the flight department manager to maintain the value of your asset, minimize aircraft downtime, and reduce the workload of flight crews and department managers, allowing you to focus on your passengers’ needs. Our team has experience with airframes like Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, and more and offers aviation maintenance services based on your specific needs. Learn more about what you can expect when partnering with our associates for your aviation consulting needs, or contact us today to learn more about our complete list of services. 

Aog Aircraft On Ground Services Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Services

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We offer 24/7 AOG support for grounded planes needing immediate assistance returning to service. We will coordinate all return to surface and maintenance efforts so you can take care of the principal for your clients without experiencing further delays or cancellations.

Aircraft Pre Purchase Audits Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

Aircraft Pre-Purchase Audits

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At Meitner and Associates Inc., our team will provide pre-purchase inspections to protect the interest of our clients, including performing flashlight inspections and maintenance oversight. We also offer logbook review audits for continuity and completeness of records.

Director Maintenance Services Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

Director of Maintenance (DOM) Services

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We offer on-call director of maintenance services for the direct supervision of your aircraft maintenance to achieve the highest level of safety and dispatch. Explore our different DOM services for specific maintenance events, or elect monthly or yearly services based on your needs. 

Parts Warranties Program Audits Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

Parts, Warranties, and Program Audits

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Meitner and Associates Inc. offers a competitive parts program that helps eliminate costly repairs, protects our clients’ investments, and minimizes aircraft downtime while ensuring you don’t spend more than necessary for part repairs. Our team also reviews the disbursement to ensure it is correct based on the completed maintenance. 

On Site Maintenance Off Site Support Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

On-Site Maintenance Event and Off-Site Support

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Any time your aircraft undergoes maintenance, whether regularly scheduled or immediate assistance needed for an Aircraft on Ground (AOG), our team at Meitner and Associates Inc. will help manage the process either on-site and in-person or off-site via phone call, depending on our client’s preference. 

Far 145 Repair Station Audits Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

FAR 145 Repair Station Audits

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Our team of experts has experience navigating the federal regulations for repair stations and audits for compliance with the GSM and Part 145 operations, ensuring each client’s aircraft undergoes maintenance at quality repair stations.

In Need of Immediate AOG Services?

Our team at Meitner and Associates Inc. has the resources to help you navigate the AOG process and will review destination airports for support with contact lists to help get your flight off the ground as soon as possible! 

About Us

Meitner and Associates Inc. is comprised of the top aviation consultants in Wichita, Kansas, with over 170 years of collective experience in aircraft management, Fixed Base Operations (FBO) management, and service writing. Our president, Eric Meitner, initially began the company in 2015 with the goal of leveraging our clients’ time and is still heavily involved in the maintenance and consulting process. Today, we work primarily with flight department managers to maintain the value of our clients’ assets and minimize aircraft downtime so that they can focus their time on other things such as running a successful business or enjoying time with family. Forget about late departure times and countless hours wasted at the airport. Our team has the skills and expertise to ensure your aircraft receives the maintenance it needs at a fair price!

Before Maintenance–meitner Associates Aviation Consultant

Before Maintenance

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The first step to getting started is establishing a baseline for future aircraft maintenance events. Our associates will perform an initial on-site review of aircraft records, review current maintenance schedules, and develop a working strategy to address future maintenance needs. 

Maintenance Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant


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During the maintenance process, our team will help establish and foster a relationship with the chosen maintenance facility, work to find discounts on fuel, maintenance labor, and parts, and be on-site for all major maintenance events. We’ve been there, so you don’t have to! 

Departure Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant


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When was the last time you had an on-time departure? To ensure smooth and timely departures, our associates will review all work performed, review the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airworthiness Directives (ADs) on a bi-weekly schedule, and review destination airports for support of an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation with contact lists. 

Invoice Meitner Associates Aviation Consultant


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Once it’s time for the final invoice, our Meitner and Associates Inc. team will review all invoices from maintenance events to ensure they match the previously agreed-upon prices and review any flight discrepancies to determine the required action

What Our Customers Say

"Eric's assistance with my recent repaint at Cessna, Wichita, has been a lifesaver. His professional assistance not only got us to the right people to complete a beautiful job, but he also handled all the paperwork. Most importantly, he caught charges and made billing adjustments where necessary. Thanks for a job well done; I know I will use Meitner and Associates Inc. in the future to facilitate safe, cost-effective service center visits.”

Bill Bryan CE 525A 0062

"Eric has proven to be an invaluable resource to Avpro, Inc. and our clients. His depth of knowledge with the citation line of aircraft allows us to provide expert technical services to our customers with confidence during pre-purchase evaluations, major inspections or repairs, and paint and interior refurbishment projects.”

Wesley Ray Avpro, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a maintenance tracking platform?

    Maintenance tracking platforms can help increase the depth of expertise on a specific aircraft type. These platforms automate the aircraft maintenance process by allowing pilots to initiate maintenance discrepancies. With many on the market, it is important to find one that best works for your operation and avoid cutting corners for maintenance tracking. This may result in detrimental consequences to the residual value of the plane during a future sale. 

  • Why should I hire a maintenance professional?

    It is essential to hire a part-time or full-time maintenance professional or aviation consultant to manage your records and maintenance work for your aircraft. Many managers can testify that the time saved and the value generated outweigh the cost of paying a professional. These professionals will also be very knowledgeable with technology and online platforms.

  • How do I properly document and store my maintenance records?

    Review every maintenance transaction record (MTR), work sign-off, and logbook entry for accuracy, completeness, and authenticity. Scan these documents and store them in electronic files for future reference. This simplifies the process of sending records and makes them easier to search through. Secure your maintenance logs in a waterproof and fireproof safe and never carry them aboard the aircraft as they are critical to the residual value of the plane. 

  • How often should I check my aircraft tire pressure?

    Various airframe manufacturers and aircraft types have unique requirements; some may require pressure checks before each flight, while others require pressure checks less frequently. If no specific requirement is mandated, it is recommended to check the pressure at least once a week to save money from early detection. 

  • Where can I find help for maintenance issues?

    When troubleshooting issues, locating parts, or expediting processes within the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM system), reach out to local OEM technical representatives in the area, as well as local mobile service maintenance providers. Network with operators who manage similar aircrafts or join social media groups of tech committees where valuable operating experience is shared. 

  • How can I manage Minimum Equipment Lists?

    Develop a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) specific to your aircraft serial number and become familiar with the operating and maintenance procedures. If a covered item breaks, use the MEL in accordance with the documented procedures and ensure that all pilots in the operation are familiar with the MEL and the requirements. Then, develop a log entry while traveling so that in the event of unscheduled maintenance, it can be easily transferred to the aircraft logbook upon return to home base. 


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Meitner and Associates Inc. is an aviation consulting company based in Wichita that offers various maintenance services to clients from across the globe. From the initial on-site review of maintenance records to the final invoice review, our associates are with you every step of the way. Contact us online or give us a call at (316) 789-5037 to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation with one of our experts today!